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Our Mission | What We Do
To inspire and assist great people, like yourself, in making informed real estate decisions that best serve you, your family and your goals; decisions that will ultimately improve your life for years to come.  

Our Values | Who We Are
Grateful | Relationship Builders | Lifelong Learners | Productive | Truthful | Caring 

We are game changers in this industry, unlike any team you’ve met. We are an inspired group of highly productive, goodhearted people grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients, our communities and giving back in anyway we can. 

Your client experience is our differentiator.
Your real estate experience is our number one focus.  As lifelong learners and educators, we continuously “up our game” to deliver the most relevant, innovative real estate solutions tailored to your needs and goals.  

Your one-stop shop for all your real estate needs.
From start to finish, no one will do more or cover more aspects of the real estate buying and selling process than us.  We have mortgage brokers, lawyers, stagers, agents and support staff who are dedicated to providing an enjoyable, rewarding and seamless real estate experience. 

You have choice.
Our tiered pricing model for sellers offers you the ultimate in flexibility.  With preferred access to landscapers, cleaners, painters, carpenters and other service providers, we help you gauge the cost/benefit that will maximize the ROI of your home. Learn more here. 

Jay Tomlinson

Founder and team leader.
Connector of people.
Basketball coach.
Eskimo alumni.
Avid Cribbage player. 

We never had much growing up. It was inner city for sure but I learned to appreciate what I did have, and I’ve never forgotten this. 

My mom is my best friend but more than that, she was my first mentor.  She taught me the importance of hard work.  She worked hard and inspired me to buy real estate as a way to a better life.  I see this for my clients and it drives me to work harder for them.

I’ve learned to be thankful for what I have.  In fact, we have a gratitude jar here in the office. We appreciate every chance we get to help our client’s real estate dreams come true.

One thing I learned from sports is you don’t practice on game day.  I take this into business as a lifelong learner and know that we are prepared for any situation that may arise. 

My proudest moment in real estate was being named Rookie of Year in 2012 by RE/MAX Elite and I’ve been going strong ever since.  I’ve been fortunate enough to reach the top 5% each year in my office but the highlight for me is always what I am able to contribute to the Children Miracle Network.  One year, as an appreciation, I received a painting from a 9-year old girl who had spent most of her life hospitalized.  This is what success means to me. 

“Your success is my success,” I had a teacher in eighth grade say to me once.  My success is not based on anything other than your success.”  This is my goal when I’m helping my clients.  

I just like people. I’ll grab pizza and enjoy time with my clients.  I also like being able to bring people together to help our clients.  From photographers to renovators, it’s like our own community.  And if I can do that, we can help everyone succeed.

Jenna Matthews

Licensed real estate assistant.
Client care specialist. 
Organizational whiz. 
Fitness enthusiast. 
Family oriented.

I love people.  There’s nothing more important to me than the people we work and helping make their real estate experience fun, smooth and easy.  

People say I’m organized.  I enjoy keeping things on track for our clients and myself.

If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t stop working.  I love coming in to work.  I’m ambitious and love getting up in the morning, going to the gym, coming in to work. 

The highlight so far is completing my real estate license.

It’s not a money thing.  It’s more about helping our clients, helping them find what they’re looking for and making the process easier for them.  It’s not about trying to sell them something; it’s about listening and serving their needs as best we can.

A lot of it comes from putting myself in their shoes.  One time, a new client called about one of our listings and the property was well above what she could afford but she didn’t know that at the time.  She was going through a separation and has a young daughter.  She really loved the place so we moved to the first step, getting qualified.  Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify for a mortgage high enough and was discouraged.  Rather than walking away, we kept working with her to find something that did fit her budget.  Eventually we found her a condo she loves and is very happy.  The best part,  through this, we’ve also become friends.

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